Subdivision Platting

Subdivision platting is the process of separating a larger piece of land into three or more parcels, usually for the purpose of development of the property. Georgia Land Surveying provides thorough and accurate subdivision plats that meet or exceed the requirements of local zoning authorities and jurisdictions.


There are a number of instances in which you need an experienced surveyor to conduct subdivision platting. For example:

  • If you’re selling part of all of your land for commercial development, and it would be easier and more cost-effective to sell the land in multiple parcels
  • If you’re a developer who has purchased acreage to build a commercial complex or residential subdivision, and you need the land divided into separate lots in order to do so
  • To fulfill the requirements of local zoning authorities for development of the land


Of course, subdivision platting is more complex than simply redrawing property boundaries on paper. Each newly created lot will have its own new legal description and boundaries, and each lot will have to have adequate square footage, road frontage and setbacks before approval is given. In addition, subdivision platting often requires the plotting of new roads to provide access between lots, as well as portions of the land that may have to be designated for parks, flood protection zones, easements or other uses. The process can be quite time-consuming depending on how many lots are being proposed and which jurisdiction is presiding over the review process. It is critical that each newly created lot meet the minimum requirements for lots in their particular zoning district.

With more than 60 years of experience in commercial survey work in the state, Georgia Land Surveying provides guaranteed detailed surveying and accurate subdivision platting to satisfy the most demanding zoning requirements. For more information, contact our offices today.