Accident Scene Surveying

When the scene of an accident needs to be accurately documented as legal evidence, a professional surveyor is called upon to conduct an accident scene survey. Georgia Land Surveying has many years of experience with this type of survey and can provide the level of accuracy and attention to detail that can hold up in court.


An accident scene survey is a type of forensic survey that effectively documents the elements of an accident scene on a map for legal purposes (for example, for a court case or insurance documentation). This information is used to try and reconstruct the accident to discover exactly what happened, and when. This is especially important for determining fault in an accident or determining whether a crime has been committed. The surveyor will measure, locate and document all elements of the accident on the map, which may include any/all of the following details:

  • Position of all objects within the accident scene, both active and neutral (from involved vehicles to sidewalks/curbs to utility poles, etc.)
  • Measurement of skid marks
  • Sight distance at the scene
  • Grade of the roadway
  • Degree of curve of the roadway


Authorities may call for accident scene surveying under any of the following circumstances:

  • If significant injury or death has occurred at the scene
  • If significant damage has been done at the scene
  • If it is unclear who is at fault in the accident
  • If there is evidence that the accident may involve a crime

For the most accurate results, an accident should be undisturbed until the survey is complete. For this reason, it’s important to call a professional surveyor as soon as possible after the accident occurs. For more information about accident scene surveying or other types of forensic surveys, contact Georgia Land Surveying today.