Boundary Surveys (Residential)

The most common type of residential land survey (and the most basic), a full boundary survey meets the Georgia minimum standard survey requirements, as well as the requirements for most mortgage companies. (For this reason, it’s also referred to as a “mortgage survey” or “loan survey.”) For more than 60 years, Georgia Land Surveying has been providing accurate, easy-to-interpret boundary surveys for Georgia residents who are looking to buy or sell property, or who simply need an up-to-date plat of their land for any reason.



Boundary surveys are commonly called for in the following situations:

  • If you’re buying or selling a parcel of land (the mortgage company often requests this survey as part of the loan approval process)
  • If clarity is needed between you and your neighbors as to where the property lines are, or to settle encroachment disputes
  • If you’re planning to build on your property and want to prevent possible encroachment
  • As a requirement for a building permit
  • If there is no plat on file, or if it has been awhile since a survey was conducted (especially if improvements are being made on or near your land—boundaries can be forgotten over time)
  • As a requirement for satisfying a will



Georgia Land Surveying will send a survey crew to your property to collect the necessary data. From this data, a scale drawing (or “plat”) is drawn which illustrates property lines, bearings and distances along these lines, and total acreage. The survey will also show any improvements on the property, such as buildings, driveways, fences, pools, etc., as well as identifying any encroachments that might exist. The survey crew will make sure all property corners are well flagged and will re-set any pins that are missing.

Sometimes to settle property disputes or clarify boundaries prior to building, our clients may only need a property line staking or a survey to mark property corners only. However, if it’s been awhile since your plat has been updated, it’s worth the additional cost to have a full boundary survey conducted.