Alcoholic Beverage License Survey

If you are planning to open a commercial establishment that engages in the sale of alcohol, chances are your local jurisdiction will require you to obtain an alcoholic beverage license survey prior to approving your license. Georgia Land Surveying knows the specific regulations and requirements of local authorities throughout the state regarding alcohol sales and can prepare a survey that meets or exceeds these requirements.


In most cities and counties, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages is carefully regulated by local ordinances. Many jurisdictions, for example, do not allow bars or liquor stores to conduct business within a certain radius of schools or churches. Thus, most of these local authorities require anyone applying for a liquor license to obtain an alcoholic beverage survey conducted by a registered surveyor like Georgia Land Surveying to ensure that the placement of the facility is not in violation of any codes or zoning rules.


Unlike other types of surveys, an alcoholic beverage license survey takes into account not only the dimensions of your property and building(s), but also the surrounding area. Depending on the specific requirements of the local jurisdiction, your survey map may include any or all of the following information:

  • Location of your establishment in relation to schools, churches, parks, treatment centers and/or other alcohol-licensed establishments within a specified radius, ensuring that your property lies within acceptable minimum distances of these facilities
  • Boundary lines of your property and the dimensions of your establishment
  • Access points to your building, including proximity to major streets or highways
  • Any other location information required by local authorities to approve your facility for an alcohol license

With 60-plus years of experience in the state, Georgia Land Surveying has the expertise and the knowledge of local ordinances to ensure that your survey provides required information to verify whether your establishment is properly zoned for the sale of alcoholic beverages, and to improve your chances for the timely approval for a license. For more information about alcoholic beverage license surveys or for a quote, contact our offices today.