Ground Control Points

Ground control points are used in photo control projects to improve the accuracy of the photos and the resultant map. High accuracy ground control points are essential for producing a high accuracy aerial photo from your UAV photo mosaic.  If you would like to go from amateur to professional we can help you with our knowledge and equipment.  We use the latest survey equipment. Currently we are using Leica GS14 dual frequency GPS receiver.  We subscribe to Leica’s correction network and therefor can produce centimeter grade accuracy coordinates in real time. When we turn it on and you get your data in the field.

We will come out to your site and locate your ground control points with a high accuracy GPS unit. The data will be given to you in whatever format you like, feet meters or lat and long.  So you can then adjust your photo project and output a high accuracy photo, a contour map or digital terrain model.

Our rates are $150 per point or $500 per site with up to 10 ground control points per site. Lager sites can be negotiated.  We can also supply the ground targets as well so you can pick the points off the photo.