UAV Surveying Services

Georgia Land Surveying Company has been utilizing UAV’s for surveying over the last several years and in that time we have become experts in the field. We are well acquainted with the latest technology, have completed hundreds of aerial surveying projects, and are able to safely and efficiently capture aerial images.  With this high accuracy data and photos we are able to locate visible improvements to within 0.08’. We can also map the location of improvements like signs, parking stripes, trees and curbing. Traditionally a surveyor would have to measure off each and every one of these features, which takes a considerable amount of time and money. With aerial photography we can pick the improvements off the photo saving hours or days depending on the size of the project. There are limitations to what can be surveyed with aerial photography; for instance property lines, buildings, anything under tree cover, and sites that are within 4 miles of an airport generally can’t be surveyed with a UAV. I say generally because you can fly within 4 miles of an airport with the airports permission but it adds cost to the project.


We are able to act as a consultant for your projects aiding in ground control, data reduction and mission planning. We are also licensed helicopter, fixed wing and UAV airmen, so if you need a pilot to fly in a commercial capacity we can help there too.

Here is a list of our services: