As-Built Surveys

If you are making improvements on a parcel of land you own, it may be necessary for you to obtain an as-built survey to verify your work upon completion. As-built surveys are typically performed at the completion of a construction project in order for the property owner to obtain a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) in accordance with local zoning laws. Georgia Land Surveying has a thorough understanding of the requirements of local governing jurisdictions throughout the state, and the expertise to meet these requirements on your behalf.



Unlike other types of surveys which primarily detail the land itself (often before improvements are made), as-built surveys provide a field documentation of construction and improvements to one or more structures on the land. For this reason, you’re most likely to need one during or after a construction project for any of the following reasons:

  • To verify to zoning authorities that the improvements are in compliance with local codes
  • To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), verifying that the structure is deemed habitable
  • To ensure that the builders and contractors performed the work according to plans
  • For larger construction projects, to provide a series of “snapshots” of the progress of construction, to ensure everything is on schedule, or to make adjustments to the schedule
  • To verify to a lender that the improvements being funded are being made accordingly
  • Any other time you require field verification of the current state of your structure.



The level of detail on an as-built survey depends on the requirements of the local authorities. The surveyor will locate all new improvements on the property and verify that the location and elevation of the completed work conforms to local regulations. If applicable, the surveyor will also verify that the completed work matches any plans initially submitted to the zoning board or local jurisdiction for approval and permits.

As-built surveys may be needed for either residential or commercial construction projects, and regardless of how detailed they are required to be, accuracy is always of the utmost importance. For more than six decades, the professionals at Georgia Land Surveying have been building a reputation of trust and reliability in getting the job done right.