Site Plan Survey

This type survey is completed for the purpose of obtaining a building permit whether a homeowner is building a small addition or an entire house. The governing jurisdiction for the site will determine the level of detail required in the site plan. Standard site plans will show the existing and proposed improvements, topography, tree location, tree recompense, proposed grading, silt and tree fencing and lot coverage calculations. We work closely with builders, architects, landscape architects and government officials to create a plan that will please the homeowner and at the same time conform to the requirements of the governing jurisdiction.

Georgia Land Surveying Company has a guaranteed permit policy. What we mean by that is for the lump sum price  we quote you for doing a site plan, we guarantee  our plans will be approved by the issuing authority. If the plans are sent back for red lines you will not incur any additional fees. We are that sure of our work! By pricing our jobs this way the burden to get it right the first time is on us. This no revision fee is limited to required revisions by the issuing authority and not design changes by the client.  We also include the first house staking in our cost.