Condominium Plat

If you are developing a condominium complex on a piece of property you own, you will need a condominium plat drawn when construction is completed. Georgia Land Surveying has many years of experience with these surveys, and will create a detailed plat that complies fully with the requirements of state law.


Georgia State law (O.C.G.A. ยง 44-3-83) requires that for every condominium complex, a detailed land survey must be conducted upon completion of construction, and the resulting condominium plat must filed with the Clerk of Courts. This survey needs to be detailed and accurate because all condo sales will be legally based on this drawing. A condominium plat also helps delineate between privately owned and common areas of the property for tax purposes.


When construction of your condos are completed, Georgia Land Survey will conduct a thorough field analysis of the property, marking boundaries and drawing a plat showing each building, units, location, and dimensions. The plat will also identify common areas and parking areas, as well as the horizontal and vertical dimensions of each unit within the complex. It is essential that all these dimensions be completely accurate because whenever units are bought and sold, the plat becomes part of the legal documentation.

For more information about condominium surveys, condominium plats and what is involved in their creation, contact Georgia Land Surveying today. We will be happy to answer any questions and provide you a quote.