Site Plan Survey

For building projects large or small, local governing authorities will almost always require you to submit a site plan to obtain the proper permits. Thanks to our decades of experience, Georgia Land Surveying is fully versed in the permitting requirements for specific jurisdictions throughout Georgia, and we can deliver an accurate and reliable site plan to meet or exceed the specifications required by your local authorities.


Site plan surveys may contain varying amounts of detail, depending on the what is dictated by the zoning authorities. Georgia Land Surveying will send a licensed professional to the build site to conduct measurements, take note of land and grading features, etc. The resulting site plan may contain any/all of the following:

  • Drawings of any existing structures
  • Plats of proposed new structures or improvements in their proposed locations
  • Topography and elevation of the land
  • Tree location and tree recompense
  • Proposed grading
  • Silt and tree fencing
  • Lot coverage calculations.


Builders and property owners may need a professional surveyor to create a site plan for any of the following:

  • To obtain proper building permits
  • To create grading strategies for water runoff (for example, if the property rests on a flood plain)
  • To ensure accurate dimensions and position of a building as it is being constructed

Georgia Land Surveying works closely with architects, builders and local authorities to ensure that the resulting site plan meets or exceeds the requirements of all involved. To obtain a quote for a site plan survey for your building project, contact us today.