As-Built Surveys

Once work is completed on your building project, you will need a final as-built survey to obtain a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) for the building(s). With six decades of experience, Georgia Land Surveying knows the specific requirements of local jurisdictions throughout the state of Georgia, and can provide an accurate as-built survey that meets those demands.


While other surveys provide details about the parcel of land itself, an as-built survey provides details about structures being built or recently completed upon the property. As-built surveys can be ordered at various phases of larger building projects to ensure construction is progressing according to plan, but a final as-built survey will be needed to verify completed work and ensure that the structure satisfies requirements of local government authorities. A builder may need one of these surveys for any or all of the following reasons:

  • To show zoning authorities that the structures/improvements comply with local codes
  • To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the local jurisdiction, verifying that the structure is deemed habitable
  • To verify that the building has been completed according to plans
  • To prove to a lender that the structure has been built according to approved plans


The details required on the final as-built survey depends on the stipulations of the local jurisdiction where the structure is built. Georgia Land Surveying will identify and note all new improvements or structures on the property, showing whether the location and elevation of the completed structure(s) conforms to local regulations. If applicable, the surveyor will also compare the completed work against any previous plans submitted to zoning officials to ensure the work has been completed in accordance with those plans.

To learn more about obtaining a final as-built survey for your construction project and to receive a quote, contact Georgia Land Surveying today.