Construction Staking

Builders can’t begin to work out the logistics of a construction project until the dimensions and features of the construction plans are mapped on the ground. This is known as construction staking, and Georgia Land Surveying has many years of experience providing accurate staking surveys for builders to ensure construction goes according to plan.


The best drawn plans and blueprints can fall short if they are not implemented properly, or if unforeseen issues at the building site end up creating problems during the construction process. Construction staking enables the builders to visualize the exact location and dimensions of all the features contained in the plans. When these plans are translated to actual, physical dimensions on the ground, accuracy is absolutely essential to avoid costly errors and keep the project on schedule. Only a registered surveyor is qualified to provide the level of accuracy and detail needed when staking a construction site.


Construction staking consists of placing stakes on the ground where proposed features are to be built. Georgia Land Surveying will be provided a copy of the approved construction plans (preferably both physical and digital copies). From these plans, we will lay out stakes at the build site identifying the location and dimensions of all features on the construction plans. These may include any/all of the following:

  • Building stakes, laying out the dimensions and corners of each building
  • Pipe stakes, laying out location of plumbing and infrastructure
  • Grade stakes, detailing elevations for storm/drainage flow
  • Layout of concrete features such as driveways/walkways
  • Curb stakes for pouring of concrete for curbs


For more information about construction staking for your building project, contact Georgia Land Surveying today.